The latest in radical charter schools . . .

. . . won’t work for everyone, but it is working for a small town high school in Henderson, Minnestota. The New Country School is built around the following principles:
No classes. Students work on projects they select themselves. Projects are tailored to fulfill state curriculum requirements.
No teachers. Students consult with “advisers” who are available through the day to guide their work. Advisers do not “teach” in the traditional sense. They guide students’ work.
No hierarchy. The school is run like an agricultural cooperative. Advisers are owners, rather than employees. There is no principal.
No bells, no firm schedule. Time is set aside for lunch and for quiet reading. Other than that, students choose how to spend their time. If they fall behind, advisers help them get back on track.
No walls. Students work in an open environment and can confer with other students and advisers as needed.
There’s no central office.
And no janitors. Students clean the bathrooms and the rest of the school themselves.
Read and listen to the story, here. Visit New Country School’s Web Site of if that isn’t working read more here.


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