Why are Israel, Syria, and the US quiet, except for a deliberate minimal leak from the White House to David Sanger?

Prominent Republicans on house intelligence committees have written this letter to the Wall Street Journal (the link here is a “reprint” – WSJ is accessible to paid subscribers only) appealing to the Bush administration to reveal what it knows about a supposed Israeli airstrike on Syria in Sept 2007.

Quote from letter: “We are among the very few who were briefed, but we have been sworn to secrecy on this matter. However, we are prepared to state, based on what we have learned, that it is critical for every member of Congress to be briefed on this incident, and as soon as possible.”

David Sanger, from The New York Times, appears to have received deliberate leaks from the administration, and was interviewed last week on the Diane Rehm Show about it. He was told that it was definitely an air strike on suspected secret nuclear facilities in Syria which may have had some connection to North Korea. Both Israel and Syria have apparently been quiet about it.

What’s going on?

[Thanks to FMH for a “heads up” on this WSJ letter.]


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