Obama: From Promise to Power

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been listening to a biography of Barak Obama on my iPod that I downloaded from Audible.com.  The author, a journalist from the Chicago Tribune, finds himself in the unexpected and most qualified position to write a biography, he being the journalist following Obama’s career for the longest time: 3 years.  This doesn’t mean he’s a great writer; nearly every other paragraph begins with “Indeed, . . .”, and it is difficult for the author to hide just how smitten he is with his subject, yet it is an excellent listen, regardless.  And who am I to criticize his writing, being no author myself?

I wouldn’t bet my money that Obama will be president . . . nor am I convinced that he should be.  I admit, though: I find myself emotionally very enamored with him as a concept.  Imagine a smart, visionary, kinda-black, kinda-white, kinda-muslim, kinda-christian, kinda-conservative, kinda-liberal, kinda-young, kinda-old, kinda-American, kinda-International”an”, incredibly charismatic man to lead the United States.  He could manifest a generational transformation of the country which could have enormous impact at home and throughout the rest of the world.  Obama’s candidacy represents an American dream many of us have had for a long time, and never before has it been so close, so needed, and so possible.  The man’s so perfect for the job.  The only skeleton in his closet?  He smokes.  And apparently the wife only agreed to let him run for President if he quit.

That said, I have little faith a Democrat will be elected this next round.  Never “mis”underestimate the Republicans.  I’ll be relieved if, in January 2009, we have our first clearly and undisputably-elected presidential choice sworn in since 1997 (since Clinton was sworn in for his second term our elections have been tense and disputed).  The rich are so fat, the corporate so empowered and unchained, and the people so busy “increasing American productivity” by working many jobs and going into debt, that the US is ripe for a coup cloaked in the drama of national security and terror.  Will Bush-Cheney really relinquish power?  I’ll be relieved when it happens, and I have faith that it will, but will not be surprised if it doesn’t.  Just in case, I’m safe in Stockholm.  🙂

Buy Obama’s book here.


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