About Good News

When I find interesting media content about US and world news, politics, or timely business or social issues, I post them here at Good News.

By Good News, no, I don’t mean the Bible, and no, I don’t mean stories about nice people doing nice things; I simply mean decent-quality news and analysis that is worth reading about if one is intellectually at least a mildly curious citizen and concerned human being.

You won’t find anything about Brittney Spears or Paris Hilton, here. I pick out the interesting stories that provide perspective and greater understanding to the broad themes and trends in our politics, economics, society, environment, and culture.

My news sources mostly include The New Republic, National Public Radio, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, HBO, The Local (Sweden’s News in English), and the Atlantic Monthly.

I am primarily interested in American federal domestic politics and foreign policy, as well as film and trends related to the Internet.

While my selections will probably have liberal themes — in the traditional sense of the meaning “liberal” as defined in a dictionary — I’m a curious person; when I find interesting articles from traditionally more conservative perspectives, I’ll include those, as well.

I consider my personal politics to be considerably liberal on social issues (abortion, gay marriage, separation of church and state, etc.), moderately and conservative on economic issues (businesses are not all bad, I’m an MBA and I do find business and economics fascinating); yet, in truth, I find that these political definitions drive us to ignore the nuances of complex issues, exchange thoughtful inquiry and pragmatism for ideology, and cause us to gamble with our civilization with invariably regrettable results.

I am a 37-year old American living in Stockholm, Sweden, and use my iPod daily, listening to 10-15 hours of news programming per week. I am also a subscriber to Audible.com, from where I download mostly non-fiction audiobooks.

Please reply to my recommendations with your comments or additional suggestions on what to read and listen to.

– Christopher


2 responses to “About Good News

  1. Hej Chris,

    like your new “hobby”. It represents exactly the way you think. Please continue and advertise as much as possible, you may end up at the same level as The Local or even higher as you should reach not only people with connection with Sweden.

    Good luck and see you soon in Stockholm,

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