Sites to Know

When I find interesting Web sites that I want to share, I post them here.

Posted here: October 20, 2007
Owner: Amazon

Provides the most reliable publicly available measures of how much traffic the world’s web sites have. It is controversial in its accuracy because its data is collected from primarily American and English-speaking Internet users. It’s terrific for giving you a quick idea of how popular a Web site is, and even can tell you where the site’s traffic is primarily referred from. Why not check out the top 100 visited Web sites?

Posted here: October 20, 2007
Owner: ?

Basically YouTube for PowerPoint presentations instead of videos. This site is being used by a lot of educators and marketers, who wish to share their research and presentations. The search feature searches the actual text of the presentations, so, for example, if you were looking for presentations about an obscure industry or company, this can be very helpful. If you’re looking for more common information, it often over-delivers results in my experience.



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